Video Installations

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Horizon: 3 video sequences, consisting of 2 & 4 min sections that form 20 minute loops.

This work is about embracing and capturing the energy of light in its state of captivation. We are drawn to and feel dependency on light through darkness, and we become surrounded by colours or glows of energy that flicker and move.

We see them and ground them through our knowledge, by tapping into the imagination and freed from the confines of human association, in its purest form light is reassuring and comforting. By capturing the swell and movement of light we see a performance of colour and it's hypnotic beauty.

The idea of horizon is reinvented to see our surroundings afresh, away from the confines of knowing. These projected images are choreographed light, its movement and stretch swelling and recedeeding across the space it inhabits, bringing motion and colour together.

Inside The Dark: 4 projected / looped video sequences. 

Our avoidance of darkness encouraged me to explore energies that would encapsulate comfort as with light, or temporality as with darkness. This installation is a choreographed display that celebrates the beauty of light as it moves and changes shape.

Constance: 2 video recordings looped and layered / 4 mins, 47 secs.

This footage inspired both Inside the Dark and Horizon video installations. This film triggers that sense of waiting for light to return, along with our tendancy to avoid total darkness. Human behaviour of substituting natural light with electric light is accentuated between the interplay of houselight and sunlight, drawing attention to how we guard ourselves from the dark by keeping light constant.

This footage has been made to not only capture natural change and the abstract forms thrown by the sun rising, but to mesmerise us until we are suddenly brought out of captivation and cast into darkness.

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