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The photographs below are part of a body of work from two projects: Roman Water and Constance.

The Roman Water series depicts beautiful cascades of water set against the backdrop of Rome's rich siennas, ochres and clear blue sky. I wanted to find a way to capture and express the essence of Rome during my stay, and these dancing joyous abstract shapes, seemed to be a celebration of life itself through the hydrating, life giving and abstract qualities of Roman Water. 

Roman Pillars and Roman Trees also belong to this body of work, and depict the natural and historical beauty of Rome.   

These sunrise photographs aim to capture the ambiguous forms thrown by the energy of the sun as it becomes fractured, transient and fleeting. Whilst watching the sun rise, the light became more beautiful as other natural elements obstructed and obscured its rays. These photographs aim to display the colours and contrasts from light to dark as it mutates and remerges.


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