Selected Drawings

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'Smoke Birds': Smoke on paper

These drawings are part of a developing series of drawings. They represent freedom of movement, and by using the residue of flame the energy that drives that force.

'Explosion': Charcoal and pencil on card 55 x 43"

This drawing is a selected work, chosen to show my love for drawing and the study of life. Explosion, is a pencil and charcoal drawing of pigeons and seagulls. It attempts to examine the value we attribute to life even if it is felt to be unworthy. This focus on what is regarded as vermin, highlights mans contempt towards a thriving population at a time when much of nature is struggling to survive.

 'Smoke Drawings':
Perspex on Acetate, 6x4"

By drawing with smoke, I capture the temporality of energy, its passage and remains. The complexities of its visual nature, formed by the movement of its solid and liquid particles as part of and within the air, decay over time. With abstract and fleeting movement, it fights containment. These drawings are chance encounters, snatching a part from a greater whole, and providing an impression of is unpredictable and unstable nature. Its shadows are a memory of material being.

'Landscape in the Dark' and 'Untitled1' 

These images are selected from a series of works from current ongoing projects.

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